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Thank you for considering a donation to Super School! We need all the help we can get to make sure that these kids have the opportunity to thrive that they deserve.

100% of your donation goes towards either the operation of the school, or the benefit of the students through scholarships, or an endowment fund. If you would like to see your gift used for a specific purpose, we will certainly honor those wishes as well.

The board of directors is entirely volunteer based and we are committed to making sure your donation is used responsibly. To that end, all of our financial books are completely open and available for any donor who might want to see them. Please feel free to email me at and I would be happy to go through them with you.

Thank you once again for your generous gift. It will have a tremendous impact on the lives of these children!

Best Wishes,

Michael Hsiao
Board of Directors, Super School Inc

"My child is my hero..."
-Parent of a special needs child

"Our focus is your child"
-Super School staff

Super School was founded to assist students with varying disabilities in reaching their utmost potential
in a supportive and nurturing environment.

We are located in Broward County, Florida and service both the special needs and the homeschooling populations.

...a nurturing and supportive staff.
We strive to hire qualified people with the right heart for your children.
We also do all we can to reduce turnover.
Consistency is key.
...individual attention.
Large classroom sizes don't fit with the needs of our children.
We provide classrooms with 1:2 to 1:3 ratios.
Safety and individual guidance are paramount.
...a program tailored to fit your child.
We understand that each child has different needs.
An individualized program will be developed to help each child reach goals set collaboratively between teachers and parents.
It must be challenging yet attainable.
FACILITIES environment that allows your child to flourish.
The availability of facilities and equipment should not be a road block to your child's development.
We provide a first-class, innovative environment to help your child succeed.

We are currently in the process of constructing a brand new, world-class facility, slated for completion during the first half of 2015.

  • super wide hallways to accommodate wheelchairs and equipment
  • spacious classrooms with bathrooms
  • covered courtyard playgroud
  • greenhouse for gardening classes
  • a grand 200-seat auditorium.

Rendering of the future Super School building.

"These kids have a way of capturing your heart and not letting go."
-Super School director
Katherine Hsiao
Founding Member / Board of Directors

Katherine is the mother of a special needs child. She holds a Master's degree from the University of Miami. She brings the dedication, heart, and passion to Super School that is vital to ensuring that our kids get everything they need.

"We share a common bond as parents of these precious kids, that most people in this world can not understand. We need to open the eyes of the world to the joy and unconditional love that these kids bring."
Michael Hsiao
Founding Member / Board of Directors

Michael is the father of a special needs child. He holds two Master's degrees and a Master's certificate from the University of Miami. He has started a number of successful businesses and wants to bring that knowledge, creativity, and experience to Super School in order to create a sustainable, non-profit organization that will make a lasting impact on the families of all these children.

"There is no greater accomplishment in my life than to love my special needs son and to be loved by him in return. It is the measure that I go by as a man, a person, and a father."
Chris Longsworth
Founding Member / Board of Directors

Chris has been in the business of creating successful businesses for the past 14 years. His passion as an accomplished developer has been the catalyst for the realization of many projects. He is now focused on bringing the dream of Super School into reality.

"We have a God given responsbility to these kids. They are cherished gifts entrusted to us to teach us how we should live our lives."
Caitlyn Kar
Director / Lead Teacher

Caitlyn graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology in 2010. She is in the process of becoming a BCaBA (Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst). Caitlyn has been working with children diagnosed with ASD and developmental delays for the past 8 years.

"We look past the diagnosis and reclaim focus on what your child is capable of achieving!"
Kiera Martin
Teaching Assistant

Victoria Neal
Teaching Assistant


"We gain access to facilities and classes that we wouldn't typically have, and in the process foster compassion in our children."
-Homeschooling parent

Super School provides homeschooling groups with facilities, access to workshop classes, and the opportunity to volunteer and make a difference in the lives of special needs children.


Do you need classroom space for your homeschool group? Could you use an auditorium?

Classrooms and a planned 200-seat auditorium are available for your use with fees that can be offset through Super School "Volunteer Points". Volunteer Points can be earned by both homeschooling parents and kids

Please consult the Fee Schedule for specific costs


We offer access to unique workshops and classes directed by homeschooling parents and hosted at our facilities.

Do you, as a homeschooling parent, have special knowledge or skills to share? This is your opportunity to provide unique, fun, and educational workshops and projects for homeschooling students, while racking up Super School "Volunteer Points".

Check the Calendar for upcoming workshops


Inclusion classes help build lasting, meaningful friendships by embracing individuals' differences.

Super school recognizes the advantages inclusion classes create for both students with disabilities and their typically developing peers. Both groups of children benefit by learning from one another. Typically developing children learn about and accept human diversity. This nurtures compassion and helps to develop core virtues and realign values. Children with special needs benefit through becoming more aware of their environment, improving social competence, and developing communication skills and self-regulation.

Check the Calendar for upcoming classes


"We want every child to have the opportunity to flourish."
-Super School board of directors

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The School
What legal structure is the school organized under?
Super School is a private non-profit school. We are a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.
Where is the school located?
We are currently located in Davie, FL near I-595 and Nob Hill Rd for the 2014 Fall semester, while we wait for construction to finish on our brand new, world-class facility which will be located off of Sunrise Blvd just west of US-441 in Plantation, FL.
How much is tuition?
Please see our Fee Schedule below for current pricing.

Part of the mission of Super School is to provide an affordable, appropriate alternative to public school for these kids. We understand that families with special needs children are under a greater financial burden than a typical family. Therefore we strive to do all we can to reduce costs and eliminate fees. The development of the Super School building, the land, and a sizable operations endowment fund was donated to Super School by anonymous benefactors. This allows us to provide minimal tuition costs and fees while still retaining necessary ratios and services.
Is there a volunteering requirement for families with special needs students?
No. There is no volunteering requirement for families of special needs students. Volunteers are always appreciated and welcomed, but we do not want to place an additional time constraint burden on families that we know already have very little free time.
Do you follow a particular curriculum?
No. Each student's curriculum is tailored to fit his/her needs. It is drawn from multiple sources and developed through a collaboration between the school director, the teacher, and the parents.
Does your school qualify as a McKay Scholarship school?
Yes. We meet all state and local requirements to participate in the McKay Scholarship program as a Florida Choice school. Click here to learn more about the McKay Scholarship and how your child may qualify.
Do you require students to take standardized testing?
No. However, because all of our curricula are personalized, if the parent desires for the child to take standardized testing it can be incorporated into his/her indivudal curriculum.
What school calendar does Super School follow?
Although we are not a public school, we do follow the Broward County public school calendar, in order to make it more convenient for families with multiple kids, some of whom may be in the public school system.
What are Super School inclusion classes?
Super School inclusion classes join special needs children with their typically developing peers in a single extracurricular classroom setting. This provides advantages for both groups.
When are Super School inclusion classes offered?
Super School inclusion classes are offered after school from 3-4 PM. The particular class that's offered varies on a rotating schedule.
Do you have a policy for Ethical Conduct?
Yes. You can download it from this link Super School Standards of Ethical Conduct.pdf.
How can homeschooling groups gain access to facilities and workshop classes?
Facility use and access to workshop classes is open to all homeschooling groups and individuals. We charge a set fee for both, which can be offset to a minimum point by earning Super School "Volunteer Points". See the Fee Schedule and Workshop Calendar for specifics
How can I earn Super School "Volunteer Points" for my group?
Super School "Volunteer Points" can be earned by homeschooling students and parents, by volunteering for a wide variety of projects and jobs needed around the school.
How do Super School "Volunteer Points" work?
Each volunteer job earns a certain number of "Volunteer Points", depending on the job, which is then added to your homeschool group's account. Your group's "Vounteer Points" account balance can then be used to offset fees for facility use and workshop classes.
Fees can not be refunded retroactively. "Volunteer Points" can only be used to reduce fees before they are paid.
Volunteering is not required, but it is strongly encouraged for the mutual benefits it provides to both special needs kids and homeschoolers, and it can greatly reduce the fees.
What is the minimum age for volunteering?
There is no set minimum age for volunteering. It's all dependent on the maturity level of the volunteer. By the same account, meeting a minimum age does not necessarily qualify an individual to volunteer in a particular position.
Jobs are assigned on a case by case basis, depending on needs and the qualifications of the individual volunteer.
What are examples of the different jobs that volunteers will be doing?
The possible volunteer jobs could include:
  • In-classroom help
  • Kitchen monitoring
  • Cleaning
  • Workshop instruction (for homeschooling parents)
  • Feeding monitoring
  • Inclusion class volunteers
  • Participating in committees
  • Office and reception tasks
  • ...

Super School Fee Schedule
Super School new student assessment fee $0
Super School student tuition $25,000 / student / year
Super School one-on-one student tuition $30,000 / student / year
Super School flex student tuition $15,000 / student / year
Super School supplies fee $0 / student / year
Super School student inclusion class fee varies depending on class
Super School student inclusion class supply fee varies depending on class
Super School student ESY summer session tuition $900 / student / 2-week session
Super School one-on-one student ESY summer session tuition $1200 / student / 2-week session
Super School flex student ESY summer session tuition $600 / student / 2-week session
Super School student daily precare $5 / half hour / student / day
Super School student school year precare $400 / half hour / student / school year
Super School student daily aftercare $12 / hour / student / day
Super School student school year aftercare $800 / hour / student / school year
Super School
Inclusion Classes
Homeschool Workshop Classes

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Inclusion Class List

Inclusion classes are offered after school from 3-4 PM on a rotating schedule

Cooking with friends:
Cooking is a great opportunity for peer interaction. Everyone can learn to cook! Our cooking class implements the use of a task analysis for every recipe, which breaks down each step into small teachable units. Paired with each recipe are visuals, making it easy to follow. Cooking allows your child to see, taste, touch, and smell unfamiliar foods. At the same time, it develops fine motor skills and creates an opportunity for sensory integration.

Horticultural Class:
Gardening provides the opportunity for hands-on learning through exploration, experimentation, and nurturing. This can be beneficial and motivational for the child and is great for the mental health of all involved. It has been seen to improve cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This pairs directly with our cooking class, where students cook the fruits (and vegetables) of their labors and develop healthy eating habits.

Yoga/Movement Class:
Research has shown music focused movement, such as Yoga, helps teach children with Autism and other disorders how to calm themselves, rather than relying on someone else to provide this comfort for them.
Homeschool Workshop Class List