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What we are doing for a child ?

At Super School, we provide a comprehensive program based on the educational and developmental levels of the individual student. Our goal is to provide a solid foundation of learning while allowing flexibility in meeting the individual needs of our students.

Super School provides a creative and unique curriculum individualized for each student, which addresses the sensory, perceptual and motor planning difficulties that many children/adults with varying disabilities face. Every student’s personalized educational plan consists of academic, behavioral and Life skills, with an emphasis on making each student the most self-sufficient version of themselves.

Super School utilizes five curricula to help meet each students needs/skill set; ABLLS, Common Core, Edmark, Functional Skills, STAR

At Super School we maintain small ratios of 3:1, which allow the Super Staff to reinforce all academic areas, ensure safety and promote appropriate social development with their peers. A 1:1 is also available to students that need extra attention.

The SUPER SCHOOL staff consists of creative, compassionate and dedicated educators who enthusiastically provide an individualized curriculum tailored to each student’s learning capacity. With a strong emphasis on teamwork, we take the time to figure out each child’s optimal learning environment.

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